About Us

About Us

Harnessing The Inner Queen In Young Ladies Since 2016

Crown Jewels, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving young ladies between the ages of 6 and 25. We are committed to improving one’s self-message, personal development, and to know regardless of their beginnings; they CAN aspire to become whatever their hearts’ desire. We will follow the young ladies from primary school through secondary education graduation, through the college application process to successful college graduation.

We desire that our graduates will return as volunteers to positively impact the lives of others through purpose, direction, and motivation.  From Gems to Jewels to Queens. Crown Jewels “Inspire to Empower.”


Our initial program is called G.E.M (Girls Empowerment Movement). Gemstones have been designated for each grade level as well as referencing our first participants as Gems, Secondary as Jewels with graduates and beyond as Queens. Pilot gram will launch in a specific school to be announced for FY 2017/18 school year.

G.E.M.S is a curriculum for our young ladies 6-9 years to build a foundation that focuses on being good stewards amongst their peers and foster an environment of positive re-enforcements. Our mentors will meet with the girls once a week (4-days per month). Adjustments will be made according to the day’s activities set forth by the Teacher. Crown Jewels will present a locket to each young lady signifying her successful completion of this program to build confidence and increase self-esteem.

G – Good Citizenship

E – Encouraging Others

M – Manner Matters

S – Safety First



Our young ladies will have confidence in every step they take


Our young ladies will be resilient when faced with adversity


Our young ladies will be optimistic when placed in the shadow of doubt or uncertainty


Our young ladies will know their self-worth

Never Give Up

Our young  ladies will never give up when times get hard


Our young ladies will not let other people’s opinion affect them

Will Power

Our young ladies will have the willpower to do the hard right over the easy wrong


Our young  ladies will be empowered to control their own destiny


Our young ladies will have loyalty to themselves, Crown Jewels and their community

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